Ibn Sina Islamic Culture Research Foundation

Research work of the Foundation

2015 Sep 01

Research work

One of the educational activity areas of the Islamic Culture Research Foundation is close cooperation with leading Russian and foreign research institutes. Nowadays the Foundation is developing and strengthening its partnership with research centres, assisting them in research activities, working together on translating and publishing historical documents as well as works on the philosophy and history of Islamic civilization. Besides, the Foundation is involved in the publication of study guides and in delivering lectures for undergraduate and postgraduate students specializing in Islamic studies.

In all these areas the Foundation works together with the Institute of Oriental Manuscripts under the Russian Academy of Sciences (St. Petersburg), RAS Institute of Philosophy, Iranian Institute of Philosophy, the Centre for Arab and Islamic Studies (RAS Institute of Oriental Studies), the Research institute of humanities and culture of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the “Samt” Educational Organization for preparing humanities study materials (Iran).

The Foundation is also engaged in organizing courses on Islamic studies, preparing practical training programmes for undergraduate and postgraduate students as well as teachers of Russian universities (Orientalists and political experts) in well-known foreign universities and research centres. These programmes of scientific and cultural exchange provide both young and experienced scientists and scholars with an access to primary sources in original language.

During the training the researchers work in national libraries of Islamic countries, attend the lectures of leading Muslim scholars — experts in Islamic studies, culture and philosophy. These specialized courses and training programmes are intended to further develop relations between Russia and Islamic countries and to facilitate mutual understanding between representatives of different countries, nations and religions.

Educational programmes

The Islamic Culture Research Foundation launched a number of educational programmes. In 2007–2008 it introduced series of lectures on the history of classical Islamic philosophy in the Russian Academy of Sciences. These lectures were delivered by recognized Russian and foreign experts. The Foundation also provided financial assistance to the Department of Oriental philosophies of the RAS Institute of Philosophy in teaching the “Muslim social and political thought” course.

In 2008 the Islamic Culture Research Foundation took part in the establishment of the Research and Education Centre of Islamic Philosophy under the Oriental Studies sector of the Faculty of Philosophy of the State Academic University for Humanities. A special course called “Classical Islamic studies” was introduced in this centre. The Foundation also participated financially in the creation of the Islamic World Philosophy sector of the RAS Institute of Philosophy.

In 2011 with the support of the Foundation, the Independent Russian and Arab cultural centre in St. Petersburg organized the courses for learning Arabic and studying the Holy Qur'an.

Social work

The Islamic Culture Research Foundation fund provides assistance in introducing youth education programmes. In May 2010 the Foundation was a co-organizer of the 6th Moscow all-Russian Olympics for students of Islamic educational institutions. In April 2012 it sponsored the 1st all-Russian conference of Muslim women in Moscow. The Islamic Culture Research Foundation is actively involved in arranging international Islamic conferences. Thus, it contributed repeatedly in conducting “Russia and Islamic world” scientific conference.

In 2001 in cooperation with the RAS Institute of Philosophy The Islamic Culture Research Foundation initiated the scientific conference entitled “Islamic philosophy and philosophic Islamic studies: research perspectives”.

The Islamic Culture Research Foundation participates annually in the following large-scale international exhibitions:

•          “Non-fiction” international fair of intellectual literature;

•          Moscow international book fair;

•          “Halal EXPO” Moscow international exhibition;

•          “Along the Great Silk Route” — Kazakhstan international printing production and book fair;

•          Minsk international book fair;

•          All-Russia Kazan Islamic book fair;

•          “Kazanhalal” fair;

•          Kiev international book fair.

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