Ibn Sina Foundation

Activities of the Ibn Sina Foundation

2016 Feb 10

The Ibn Sina Islamic Culture Research Foundation was established in 2007. It brings together the members of the academic and student community involved in studying different aspects of Islamic culture, science and philosophy.

The founders of the Ibn Sina Foundation are Hamid Hadavimogaddam (PhD) and Stanislav Prozorov  (leading researcher of the RAS Institute of Oriental Manuscripts).

The main activities of the Ibn Sina Foundation include:

- Translating books into Russian and other languages;

- Publishing activities;

- Cooperating with different scientific centres in Russia and abroad;

- Allocating grants for scientific research;

- Organizing scientific and cultural conferences, symposiums and exhibitions;

- Participating in teacher and student exchange programs with major international research centres and universities.

Islamic culture is extremely rich and diverse. Unfortunately, due to various circumstances many Muslims around the world don’t have access to the wealth of Islamic knowledge. The main objective of the Foundation is to demonstrate the richness of Islamic culture, since it incorporates religious precepts, art, philosophy and belles-lettres. It is a rich and diverse culture that recognizes different forms of views, religious beliefs and cultural traditions.

Russian scientific centres have contributed significantly to making the benefits of Islamic culture available to interested readers.

The most active partners of the Foundation include the RAS Institute of Philosophy, the RAS Institute of Oriental Studies, the RAS Institute of Oriental Manuscripts, the Peoples' Friendship University of Russia, the Moscow Islamic Institute, the Dagestan State University and others. The Foundation carries out various publishing, educational and academic projects and takes part in the organization of scientific conferences, presentations and exhibitions in cooperation with leading Islamic centres of Russia. The Foundation's books are presented at major book forums held in Russia and abroad, including MIBF, NON/FICTION, the Red Square festival, and foreign exhibition platforms in Tehran, Astana etc.

The books published with the support of the Foundation can be found at the largest retail stores ("Bukvoed", "Chitay-gorod", "Labirint", "Ozone"), and in all major Russian bookstores ("Biblio-Globus", “Dom Knigi” etc.). The Foundation supports research in the field of Islamic thought by providing grants and awards. The Foundation's video recording studio has prepared over 100 educational programs with the participation of leading Russian experts in Islam. About 10 series of scientific and popular scientific literature are currently published under the guidance of the Foundation, and the most significant articles by Russian and foreign scholars are published in the "Ishrak", Islamic philosophy yearbook.

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