Ibn Sina Islamic Culture Research Foundation

About the Foundation

2016 Feb 09

Ibn Sina islamic culture research foundation was established in 2007. It unites the members of academic and student communities who study various aspects of Islamic culture, science and philosophy.

The foundation mainly focuses on translation of literature from Oriental (Arabic, Persian) and Western languages into Russian, Islamic culture and philosophy research, publishing activities, compilation of encyclopaedias and dictionaries, cooperation with Russian and foreign scientific centres, giving research grants in the areas of Islamic studies, organization of scientific and cultural conferences, symposia, exhibitions; teacher and student exchange with the biggest world universities.

All kinds of research conducted by the Foundation are based on its commitment to objective scientific analysis of issues related to Islamic culture and thought studies.

Islamic culture is an important element of the world and one of the Russian civilization’s components. Hence, studying it in an unbiased way is of scientific, political and strategic significance. It plays an important role in maintaining interconfessional and intercivilizational balance, improving relationships between different nations, cultures and civilizations.

Last modified on 2018 Nov 22