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Bayt Al-Hikma. The history of academy of sciences in the East

Seyed Aboutorab Siyahpush

2018 Nov 08


The book of an Iranian author Seyed Aboutorab Siyahpush is dedicated to the history of the House of Wisdom in Baghdad (Bayt Al-Hikma) and a number of similar institutions existing in the Muslim East that could be considered as prototypes of contemporary academies. The research presents an analysis of the social and cultural context and historical conditions of this phenomenon incorporating academic traditions of the Ancient East and the ancient world. It also examines the «translation movement», which was closely connected with the House of Wisdom, and its main representatives. 

The author familiarizes the readers with the subject of translations and unique works of the House of Wisdom's scholars, their major achievements and their contribution to the development of the Islamic civilization.

The book is meant for those studying history, as well as general readers interested in the history of science and Islamic civilization.


Siyahpush, Seyed Aboutorab. Bayt Al-Hikma. The history of academy of sciences in the East / translated from Farsi by I. Gibadullin; edited by D. Mishin.– М.: ООО «Sadra», 2019. – 400 p. – (Islamic and pre-Islamic worlds: history and politics).