Ibn Sina Islamic Culture Research Foundation

The music in the context of Islam: Iranian traditions

Collection of articles

2018 Dec 26


The questions raised in the work shed light on the music in Islam through the example of Iranian traditions. The authors from Iran, Germany, France, Uzbekistan and Russia reveal the phenomenon of “Islamic music”, demonstrating its social, legal, theological, aesthetic, historical, theoretical, ethnographic, practical and esoteric aspects. The readers will have the opportunity to get familiar with the translations of the works written by contemporary Iranian and European scholars and to assess the results of their academic research. The collection’s structure and article comments ensure its unity, highlighting the uniqueness of the Iranian music, revealing similarities in the issues examined and the variety of methodological approaches.

The books is intended for experts conducting research on the Oriental musical culture, as well as general audience.


The music in the context of Islam: Iranian traditions: collection of articles // Islam and music. 1st publication / Translated from Persian by B. Norik, I.Gibadullin, N. Tariq; edited by T.-M. Jani-zade. – М.: ООО «Sadra», 2019. – 512+16 p. – (The unity of beauty. Islam and music)