Ibn Sina Islamic Culture Research Foundation

Panhuman vs. Universal

A.V. Smirnov

2019 Jun 27


The work focuses on the conceptualization logic explaining the interior mechanism of consciousness and the culture unwrapped in the systems. It suggests the understanding of the consciousness’ activity as an epistemic chain, that is a provisional build-up line of cognitive actions’ complexity connected with the initial intuition of the subject-predicate agglutination and equipped withleast three significant levels: sensory perception, conventional speech and theoretical reasoning, including formal argumentation. It contains an explanation of initial intuitions for the substantial conceptualization logic unwrapped in the context of the European culture and the processual logic unwrapped in the context of the Arab Muslim culture. The work also raises the question of the Russian culture and demonstrated that the difference of conceptualization logics per se implies the indispensable plurality of the mind and excludes the justifiability of accepting a culture unwrapping only one of possible logics as a universal one. The book mentions the idea of the Panhuman as an alternative. It also describes the genesis and the development of the Panhuman in the Russian thought and examines the concepts of the classical Eurasianism.


Smirnov A.V. Panhuman vs. Universal / A.V.Smirnov. — М.: ООО Sadra: YASK publishing house, 2019. — 216 p.