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Burhan az-Zakirin (“Evidence for those who remember”)

Dawlatshah al-Ispijabi

2020 Oct 23


The publication contains two works in Persian written by Dawlatshah b. Abd al-Wahhab al-Ispijabi (d. 1714), a Sufi Sheikh of the Yasawiya brotherhood, as well as a detailed historical and philological commentary. The author was one of the most active Sufi preachers in Desht-i Qipchaq (Cumania) at the turn of the 17th-18th centuries. Dawlatshah al-Ispijabi was originally from Sairam (present-day Southern Kazakhstan), studied in Bukhara with the Yasawi Sheikh Muhammad Sharif, travelled a lot and spent a few years in Tobolsk. According to some Siberian legends, Dawlatshah al-Ispijabi played the key role in “discovering” the graves of saints around Tobolsk and, in fact, in establishing the cult of saints in the region.

The book is intended for experts in Oriental and Iranian studies, historians and all those interested in the history of Islam in Russia.


Dawlatshah al-Ispijabi. Burhan az-Zakirin (“Evidence for those who remember”) / study by A.K. Bustanov and E.L. Nikitenko; translated from Persian and Arabic and commented by E.L. Nikitenko, translated from Chagatai by A.K. Bustanov – М.: ООО Sadra, 2020. – 240 p., illustrated. – (Islam: Classics and modernity).