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The Man of Light in Iranian Sufism

Henri Corbin

2021 Mar 03


Henri Corbin (1903-1978), a French theologian, historian of religion and philosopher, is one of the most famous experts in Muslim Iran, Shiism and Sufism. The book "The Man of Light in Iranian Sufism" holds an important place in his legacy. Based on a number of classic Sufi texts the author examines the phenomena of light and colour (photism) seen by mystics during their spiritual journey, which indicate a change in their state. The author believes that these appearances should be interpreted as a meeting with an invisible "spiritual guide" who leads the mystic to the pure divine light.

The 3rd edition of “The Man of Light in Iranian Sufism” has a new preface by J. Ashots, who examines Corbin's legacy and his contribution to the development of Islamic studies, Iranian studies and related disciplines. The translation by Yu.N. Stefanov was reviewed to match the French original text and was edited by T.A. Umanskaya and E.A. Frolova.


Corbin, Henri. The Man of Light in Iranian Sufism / translated from French by Yu.N.Stefanov; preface and commentary by Ya. Eshots; edited by E.A.Frolova. – М.: ООО Sadra, 2021. – 288 p. – (Islam: Classics and Modernity)