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The Bulgarian chronicles, or Approaching ['Ali] Gari

Muhammad-'Ali Chukuri, 'Arifulla Basaravi

2021 Aug 20


Imam Muhammad 'Ali al-Chukuri al-Bulgari (1826-1889) was a Bashkir and Tatar Sufi poet, educator, mudarris, and overall an outstanding personality of the Bashkir history.

"The Bulgarian Chronicles" is a historiographical work by Muhammad 'Ali Chukuri written in the Ural-Volga version of the Turkic language. Based mainly on the Arabic script, it was the common written language of the Turkic peoples professing Islam and was used from the 11th to the early 20th century in the vast territory of Eurasia — from Eastern Turkestan to North Africa and the Balkans. The book allows the readers to see the world through the eyes of the Russian imam who lived more than a century ago and to witness the colourful diversity of the Russian Muslim community of the 19th century.

For a wide range of readers.


Chukuri, Muhammad-'Ali; Basaravi, 'Arifullah. The Bulgarian chronicles, or Approaching ['Ali] Gari / Introduction ,transcription, translation and comments by I.R.Saitbattalov. — M.: OOO Sadra, 2021. - 200 p. - (Islamic and pre-Islamic world: history and politics).