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Khalwa and Rainbow

Based on Saadi’s “Gulistan”, retold by Farhad Hasan-zadeh

2021 Sep 04


This book is a collection of stories from "Gulistan", the work written by the greatest classic of Persian literature, Saadi Shirazi.

Saadi Shirazi was a renowned poet, thinker, Sufi, author of many poems. His most famous works are "Gulistan" and "Bustan", where he delicately and elegantly expressed the truths of the worldly wisdom and quoted some personal anecdotes. The book contains contemporary rendering of several stories from the Gulistan poem that would be of great interest both for young readers and their parents.

The book is intended for a wide range of readers.


Khalwa and Rainbow (Based on Saadi’s “Gulistan”, retold by Farhad Hasan-zadeh) / translated from Persian. By S. Tarasova, edited by N.I. Prigarina. - Moscow: OOO Sadra, 2021. - 160 p.: illustrated. - (Persian fairy tales).