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Ibn Khaldun in the Ottoman historiography

I.R. Nasyrov

2021 Dec 22


The book examines the reception of the doctrine of society by the Arab sociologist and historian Ibn Khaldun (1332–1406) in Ottoman historical writing. It analyzes the ideas of prominent representatives of this school of Muslim historiography about society and the state. Particular attention is paid to the concepts of the historical development of society proposed by them, which have experienced a noticeable influence from the teachings of Ibn Khaldun.


I.R. Nasyrov. Ibn Khaldun in the Ottoman historiography / I.R. Nasyrov; edited by V.A. Kuznetsov. – 2nd edition – M.: OOO Sadra, 2022. – 248 p. – (Philosophical Thought of the Islamic World: Research. Vol. 14).