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Ibn Sina (Avicenna)

A.V. Sagadeyev

2022 Jun 10


The book focuses on the life and work of Ibn Sina (980-1037), one of the greatest medieval thinkers. The author analyzes the thinker's scientific, philosophical, social and ethical ideas and examines the influence of his encyclopedic works on various Eastern and Western schools of philosophy.  The analysis contains a critical reevaluation of traditional views on Ibn Sina's philosophy and the Eastern Peripatetic philosophy as a whole. 

For general audience.


Sagadeyev, A.V. Ibn Sina (Avicenna) / A.V. Sagadeyev; introduction by N.S. Kirabaev. — Moscow: OOO Sadra, 2022. — 216 p. — (Islam: Classics and Modernity).