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Persian language and literature in Dagestan

P.M. Alibekova

2022 Aug 26


This work considers to the little-studied issue of Persian cultural influence on Dagestan. The topic of the formation and development of the Persian language and literature in Dagestan is considered in the context of the historical, socio-economic, artistic and aesthetic aspects of relations between Iran and Dagestan. To reveal the scientific problem, an extensive material of Persian and Arabic manuscripts, lithographs, old printed books and epistolary sources, biobibliographic reference books in Arabic and Persian, unpublished documents of the Central State Archives of the Republic of Dagestan, as well as the works of Dagestani historians, archaeologists, folklorists and literary scholars have been drawn. The work created creative portraits of Persian-speaking Dagestan scientists and poets demonstrated the experience of cultural mutual influence on the examples of Dagestan muhajirs in Iran. This study can become the basis for further study of the intercivilizational dialogue between the peoples of Dagestan and Iran.

The publication is intended for philologists, historians, folklorists and culturologists, as well as for a wide range of readers.


P.M. Alibekova. Persian language and literature in Dagestan (cultural and historical context) / edited by М.-N.О. Osmanov, F.Kh. Mukhamedova. — М.: ООО «Sadra», 2022 — 304 p.