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The Unabridged Persian-Russian dictionary

Volume 2



This three-volume dictionary contains around 78,000 words and 65,000 phrases of the contemporary Persian language and their translations into Russian. The dictionary reflects the considerable changes that have taken place in the Persian language within the last 50 years. The edition takes into account new developments in computer science, military matters, space exploration, economics, art, and many other fields, providing the equivalents in modern Persian language and phraseology. The second volume contains 26,000 words and 24,000 expressions.

Intended for experts in Iranian studies and linguists.


The Unabridged Persian-Russian dictionary: 3-volume edition. V. B. Ivanov [ed. by E.L. Gladkova]; Institute for Asian and African Studies of the Lomonosov Moscow State University. - Vol. 2. - Moscow: Ibn Sina Foundation, 2023. - 1008 p.