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The Last Day

M.J. Nu‘aymeh



Mikhail Nu‘aymeh (1889-1988) is an outstanding Lebanese novelist, the representative of the contemporary Arabic Literature. A brilliant prose writer and publicist, Nu‘aymeh remained loyal to Russia during his lifetime as he was grateful to this country for the excellent education and his initial literature experiences he obtained there.

In “The Last Day” Mikhail Nu‘aymeh as a devoted follower of F.M. Dostoyevsky depicts a fantastic and at the same time realistic picture of “little person’s” life, the life of professor Musa al-‘Askari. During 24 hours of his life the senior specialist on Islamic mysticism experiences disease, death, betrayal and the time itself in order in understand that we shouldn’t study supernatural, rather we should blindly follow it…


Nu‘aymeh, Mikhail Josephovich. The Last Day / M.J. Nu‘aymeh, translated from Arabic by F.O. Nofal – Moscow, “Sadra” Publishing house, 2023 – 240 pages with illustrations.