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“Discourse of Arab philosophy” by E.A. Frolova to be presented at Institute of Philosophy of Russian Academy of Sciences

2016 Apr 12

On 14th April 2016 (Thursday) at 2 pm the Academic Board hall (3rd floor, left wing) will host the presentation of  “Discourse of Arab philosophy” – last book written by renowned Russian philosophic historian, Evgeniya Antonovna Frolova (Moscow:Languages of Slavic culture, Sadra, 2016).

The book represents a new type of scientific literature – description of philosophy through discourse. In the articles devoted to the most important notions of modern Arab society’s intellectual life, E.A. Frolova lets the tradition speak. Every Arab philosopher is examined not from the perspective of research work conducted by a Western researcher, but through the translations of most substantial quotes related to the specified issue. The reader discovers a diverse and rich world of philosophic views of contemporary Arab intellectuals.

The presentation will be held as a one-day academic conference under the name “Arab Muslim philosophy: topical research”, and will be attended by leading Russian and foreign philosophic historians, Islamic scholars and Arabists.




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