Ibn Sina Islamic Culture Research Foundation

Participation in the Saint Petersburg International Book Salon

2019 Jun 01

On 23–26 May the St. Petersburg International Book Salon, an annual large-scale event, took place in the Northern capital of Russia. 

The Sadra publishing house participated in this book exhibition for the fifth time with the support of the Ibn Sina Islamic Culture Research Foundation.

At the St. Petersburg International Book Salon our booth was attended by book lovers interested in the Islamic culture, history and philosophy of the Eastern peoples. We presented the following new editions: “The Persian literature of the 9th-18th centuries” by M.L.Reisner and A.N. Ardashnikova; “Persophony . Regionality, identity, linguistic contacts in the history of Asia ”by Bert Fragner; “Perception of the absolute in the medieval Arab Muslim rationalism” by V.S. Khaziyev and Ye.V.Khaziyeva. We also exhibited four new books from the “Islamic and pre-Islamic world: history and politics” series, which has become so popular with our readers.  These editions included “Libya. Where is the country of 140 tribes going?” by M.F. Vidyasova; “Bayt Al-Hikma. The history of academy of sciences in the East” by S. A. Siyahpush; the monograph “Spaces and meanings. Memorable chapters of the Arab world history”, and the collection pf articles “Iran in the context of geopolitical realities”. A new book — “The correct balance” by Imam Abu Hamid al-Ghazali — was added to the “Islam: classics and modernity” series.

We had also prepared something special for our young readers.. The new books included the storyThe man of the world” from the Shahnameh series (adaptation by M.R.Yusefi) and the collection of parables by Irfan Nazarakhari — “Light and bread”.

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