Ibn Sina Islamic Culture Research Foundation

Persian calligraphy: theory and practice by Naser Tawoosi

2019 Jul 08

Venue: Russian State Library, main building, Blue exhibition hall

Date: 8 July 2019 (5 pm – 8 pm)

Free admission, prior registration required

Naser Tawoosi, a world-class Iranian calligraphy experts, will deliver a lecture and conduct a calligraphy workshop on 8 July in the Russian State Library.

Mr. Tawoosi is a member of the Supreme association of calligraphers, PhD in Philosophy. He has complete mastery of main calligraphic hands, such as kufic, thuluth, naskh, reyhan, tawqi, ruka’a, taliq, nastaliq and others, as well as special hands of the Seljuk and Ilkhanid periods. Naser Tawoosi’s skills, knowledge and experience are highly in demand in Iran when it comes to restoration of medieval manuscripts and paintings.

The origin of the Iranian calligraphy dates back to the Zoroastrian era. After the adoption of Islam the Persians greatly influenced the Arabic calligraphy. During his lecture in the Russian State Library Mr.Tawoosi will speak about the history of the Arabic and Persian calligraphy, the development of contemporary scripts and will show some of his unique works. The lecture will be followed by a workshop, where Naser Tawoosi will familiarize the guests with the basics of this ancient art and will allow them to try their hand in calligraphy.

Everyone is welcome to attend the lecture and the workshop.

Partners of the visit: Russian State Library, Ibn Sina Foundation, Marjani Foundation, Omar Khayyam Cultural and Literary Association.

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