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The week of Iranian calligraphy with Hamid-Reza Kelichkhani

2019 Oct 31

A series of events with the participation of Hamid-Reza Kelichkhani will take place in Moscow on 11-13 November 2019. Hamid-Reza Kelichkhani is one of the most famous experts in Iranian calligraphy in the world and the author of the “Iranian calligraphy: introduction to the tradition” book translated from Persian to Russian and published in 2019 by the Sadra publishing house with the support of the Ibn Sina Foundation and the RAS Institute of Oriental Studies

Hamid-Reza Kelichkhani was granted a diploma in nastaliq and thuluth scripts in 1989 (Iranian calligraphers’ association), received a Master’s degree in Persian literature in 1999 (Arak university), and a PhD in the Art of book publishing in 2012 (University of Delhi). He has been teaching paleology to the codicology students in the Foundation for Iranian studies (Tehran). He is the general director of the Tehran Art Gallery, chairman of the organizing committee of the Shiraz school of calligraphy (Iranian Art Gallery), author of about 30 academic works on calligraphy.

Events with Hamid-Reza Kelichkhani

11 November, 17:00

Lecture “The history of calligraphy and modern Iranian calligraphy”, workshop, “Tochka” documentary film

Venue: Russian State Library

Address: Moscow, Vozdvizhenka st., 3/5, conference hall (entrance 3, 3rd floor)

Visitors should register at the RSL website prior to the event: https://leninka.timepad.ru/event/1092606/

12 November, 17:00

Lecture “Examples of Persian calligraphy in India (Delhi and Agra)”, workshop “Tochka” documentary film

Venue: Biblio-Globus Trade House

Address: Moscow, Myasnitskaya st., 6/3, bld. 1, 2nd level

Free admission

13 November, 15:00

Presentation of Hamid-Reza Kelichkhani’s book “Iranian calligraphy: introduction to the tradition”, “Tochka” documentary film

Venue: RAS Institute of Oriental Studies

Address: Moscow, Rozhdestvenka st., 12

Admission for registered visitors. For registration please contact us at islamfond@gmail.com.

13 November, 18:00

Lecture “The script and scribes of Ferdowsi’s Shahnameh manuscripts”, workshop

Venue: Higher School of Economics

Address: Moscow, Staraya Basmannaya st., 21/4, bld. 1, conference hall L-209

Visitors should register at the HSE website prior to the event: https://oriental.hse.ru/announcements/315226379.html

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