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Presentation of “Panhuman vs. Universal” book by A.V. Smirnov

2019 Nov 22

On 27 November a meeting with the academician A.V. Smirnov, director of the RAS Institute of Philosophy, and a presentation of his new book, “Panhuman vs. Universal” will take place in the Biblio-Globus book shop.

In the “Panhuman vs. Universal” book the academician examines the issues of perception and consciousness, culture and civilization, as well as those related to globalization. What are its prospects and what will it bring to the world and different cultures?

The author describes the genesis and the development of the Panhuman in the Russian thought and examines the concepts of the classical Eurasianism.

The books presents a new perspective on the foundation of the Russian culture and gives food for thought about its past and future.

A.V. Smirnov, a recognized scholar, RAS academician, director of the RAS Institute of Philosophy, is the author of over 100 academic works, including those devoted  to the history of Islamic philosophy and that particular logic that brings together different countries and nations, forming a single Arab Muslim macrocultural realm.

The book was published by the “Yazyki slavyanskikh kultur” and Sadra publishing houses with the support of the Ibn Sina Foundation.

The Omar Khayyam culture and literary association, the Ibn Sina Foundation and the Biblio-Globus bookshop invite everyone to meet the renowned thinker and to ponder together on the challenges of the modern civilizational development and the interdependence of the East and the West.

The event is moderated by the orientalist and diplomat O. Akulinichev, president of the Omar Khayyam culture and literary association.

The event will take place on 27 November at 18:00 at the Biblio-Globus bookshop (Myasnitskaya st., 6/3, bld. 1), Level 2, hall 13.

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