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“Panhuman vs. Universal” by A.Smirnov presented in Biblio-Globus

2019 Nov 28

One of the latest academic works of Andrey Smirnov, director of the RAS Institute pf Philosophy, — “Panhuman vs. Universal” — was presented yesterday, November 27, at the Biblio-Globus Trade House.

The event was moderated by O. Akulinichev, an orientalist, diplomat and the president of the Omar Khayyam Cultural and Literary Association. His student A. Lukashev, research worker of the Philosophy of Islamic World department of the RAS Institute of Philosophy and research director of the Ibn Sina Foundation, introduced the author. H. Hadavimogaddam, president of the Foundation, delivered a welcome speech and spoke about the activities of the Ibn Sina Foundation’s and the Sadra publishing house, which prepared and published the presented book in cooperation with the Yazyki Slavyanskikh Kultur publishing house. The event was also attended by B. Esenkin (director of Biblio-Globus), S.Tabai (general director of the Sadra publishing house), I. Morozov (Russian public official, member of the  chairman of the Federation Council), S. Masaulov (chairman of the Central Asia Research Association), D. Vinnik (senior analyst of the Web Research Institute) and other guests.

In his speech A. Smirnov touched upon the challenges mentioned in the “Panhuman vs. Universal” book, in particular, the logic of the Russian culture compared to other cultures, conceptualization and goal-setting. He also explained the concepts of the panhuman and the universal in a way that was understandable for the layman.

After the presentation the readers were given the opportunity to ask the author different questions and  to receive his autograph.

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