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2019 Dec 09

The 21st Non/fiction International Book Fair, which was held at the Gostiny Dvor on 5-9 December 2019, has come to an end.

The Ibn Sina Foundation, which occupied the booth B-17, presented its books to the visitors, including the new editions of 2019. The guests expressed a great interest in the books on the history of Muslim countries  (“Persia: the history of the undiscovered land” by S.N. Tabai and A.B. Gromov, “Algeria at a crossing of three roads” by M.Vidyasova and V. Orlov, “Libya. Where is the country of 140 tribes going?” by M.F. Vidyasova), economics (“The values and principles of Islamic economy”), art (“Iranian calligraphy; introduction to the tradition” by H.-R. Kelichkhani), philology (“A Guide to the Persian language (1st year) by V.B. Ivanov,  “Persian literature of 9th-18th centuries. Vol.1” by M.L. Reisner and A.N. Ardashnikova), as well as children’s books, especially the stories from the Shekarestan series. The non/fiction21 top list included two books: “Algeria at a crossing of three roads” by M.Vidyasova and V. Orlov and “Iranian calligraphy; introduction to the tradition” by H.-R. Kelichkhani.

A presentation of the Ibn Sina Foundation’s activities and its new books took place in the Literary Café on 7 December.

Hamid Hadavimogaddam, president of the Ibn Sina Foundation; Andrey Lukashev, research director of the Ibn Sina Foundation; and Kahriman Suleymani, head of the Cultural Representative Office of Iran in Moscow, delivered their welcome address, followed by the speeches of academicians, researchers, representatives of different universities and research centres specializing in Islamic culture. The speakers included M. T. Stepanyants (professor of the RAS Institute of Philosophy, translator, author of the introduction and annotations for the M. Iqbal’s work “The reconstruction of the religious thought in Islam”, V.A. Kuznetsov (head of the Arab and Islamic Research centre of the RAS Institute of Oriental studies), who presented the new editions in the “Islamic and pre-Islamic world: history and politics” series.  R.V.Pskhu, associate professor of the History of Philosophy Department of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences of the Peoples’ Friendship University spoke about the book published under the editorship of her colleague, professor of the Peoples’ Friendship University M.M.Al-Janabi, “Morteza Motahhari — a thinker of action”. The director of the Islamic Research Centre of the Moscow Islamic Institute, D.Z. Khairetdinov, presented its work entitled “The history of the 2nd Muslim parish of Moscow and its predecessors”.

After the presentation the guests visited the booth of the Ibn Sina Foundation, had a look at the new editions and had a group photo taken.

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