Ibn Sina Foundation

Representatives of the Ibn Sina Foundation participated in the opening ceremony of the “The Tehran — Ufa — Kazan Bridge” exhibition

2019 Dec 21

On 20 December the Ibn Sina Foundation, represented by Hamid Hamavimogaddam (President) and Andrey Lukashev (research director), participated in the opening ceremony of the “The Tehran — Ufa — Kazan Bridge” as the organizer of the visit of Naser Tawoosi, the author of the exhibited show-pieces. The Foundation’s representatives also presented the projects devoted to the visual arts in Islam.

The exhibition is taking place in the Islamic Culture Museum of the Kazan Kremlin and features the works designed by the calligrapher Naser Tawoosi (Tehran, Iran( and the scenic designer Lira Suleyman (Ufa, Russia).

Naser Tawoosi made 20 calligraphy works specially for this project. His sketches feature the Almighty’s names and verses from the Qur’anic surahs, such as “Al-Kahf”, “Az-Zumar”, “Al-Fatiha”. 

Based on the sketches of the Iranian calligrapher, Lira Suleyman made paintings using mixed techniques and adding volume and dynamics to Nasir Tawoosi’s sketches. A unique colour composition and material were used for each of the works. The artists makes designs using wood, paper, Swarovski crystals, malachite and clear quartz.

Naser Tawoosi is a calligrapher, PhD in Philosophy and Candidate of Technical Sciences, associate professor of the London University, member of the Council of the Calligraphers’ Association.

Lira Suleyman — scenic designer, speaker of the Moscow Qur’an Festival (2016–2018), winner of the 1st prize of the International Calligraphy Competition (Grozny, 2019).

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