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Reza Badr Al-Sama’s exhibition, lecture and art workshop held at the Russian State Library

2022 Nov 19

On November 17, 2022, the Oriental Literature Centre of the Russian State Library hosted an exhibition of the works of Reza Badr as-Sama, a prominent contemporary Iranian miniaturist. On the second day, November 18, the exhibition was closed, and the miniaturist delivered a lecture and offered the guests a workshop on drawing Islimi and Hatay patterns in miniature.

Mikhail Melanin, deputy head of the Oriental Literature Centre of the Russian State Library, delivered a speech at the closing ceremony. He said it was a great honour for the centre to host Reza Badr al-Sama’s exhibition in a place full of manuscripts of Persian poets, whose work is embodied in the beauty of fine arts. He also thanked the Ibn Sina Foundation for organizing and hosting the event.

Dr Hamid Hadavi, president of the Ibn Sina Foundation, thanked the miniaturist and his son for the opportunity to see their beautiful work in Moscow. He also thanked the Russian State Library for organizing and hosting the exhibition. The President of the Foundation spoke about planned joint projects with Reza Badr as-Sama, which include publication of a study guide on miniature painting, and a collection of works with interpretation of their meanings. Mr. Hadavi said that Persian miniature is not just an aesthetic painting, but a legacy of the Persian culture: "If art is a language used in the cultural dialogue, then Persian miniature is one of its most expressive dialects”.

Reza Badr al-Sama then delivered the final lecture and conducted an art workshop. He devoted his presentation to the history of Persian miniature: he spoke about the Islimi patterns used not only in miniature but also in the Iranian architecture. He noted that one of the main aspects of Iranian fine arts was the movement around the Kaaba, the eternal path to the Absolute. The master also shared with the audience the characteristics of an artist's work: "The task of the miniaturist is to bring together the different elements to convey the meaning and beauty of the knowledge of the Creator to the viewer". The guests were able to practice the patterns and to ask the miniaturist some questions.

Reza Badr as-Sama (Iran) is a miniature painter, Doctor of Fine Arts, winner of international festivals of fine arts. He worked on miniatures for poetry collections that included the works of Hafiz, Jalaluddin Rumi, Baba Taher, Parvin Etesami and many others.

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