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Presentation of 15 Years of Ibn Sina Foundation’s Activities Took Place in the Moscow State Institute of International Relations


On the 15th of November 2023 Ibn Sina Foundation arranged a presentation of 15 years’ achievements that took place in the Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO).

The chief of international department of MGIMO Egor Vladimirovich Andreev greeted the attendants and said that Persian language had been studied in the Moscow State Institute of International Affairs since 1954. MGIMO maintains good relations with Ibn Sina Foundation arranging many scientific and educational events together. Egor Vladimirovich especially pointed to the richness and significance of Persian culture for the whole world, calling Iran a “well of knowledge” that should be visited and studied.

Afterwards the vice-president and the general director of “Sadra” Publishing House Seyyid Nasser Tabaei took his word and thanked MGIMO for a special atmosphere of the event as well as its attention to Iranian and Islamic Studies. Mr. Tabaei told that the Foundation arranged several educational courses on Iranian studies and Persian language together with MGIMO. Since its creation Ibn Sina Foundation and OOO “Sadra” have published more than 400 books. Seyyid Tabaei also sent warm wished from Mr. Hadavi, the president of Ibn Sina Foundation, and expressed readiness for future cooperation. 

After this speech the scientific director of the Foundation Andrei Alexandrovich Lukashev disclosed some details of Foundation’s educational and scientific projects. He underlined that orientalist studies Another culture, thus entering an absolutely special world. The pattern of different countries’ and regions’ culture is a whole, that’s why while studying political and economic life of Iran a researcher should be aware of other areas of this country’s life. For this reason the Foundation aims to work in all possible directions. Andrei Alexandrovich also spoke about Foundation’s cooperation with Russian scientific centers that focus on Iranian and Islamic studies. Together they publish books, arrange scientific events and create media projects. The Foundation supports young scholars and their more experienced colleagues and is open for cooperation.  

Elena Lvovna Gladkova, the head of department of Indo-Iranian and African languages of MGIMO, preached students studying Persian language that without understanding of culture and history of Iran, without comprehending the mentality and Islam it’s impossible to be a specialist on Iran. Elena Lvovna also wished success to the Foundation’s activities.

After the official part of the event ended the screening of the film “The Dot”, the exhibition of Iranian miniatures and buffet also took place.

Last modified on 2023 Nov 17