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“Ali ibn Abi Talib’s judgment and wisdom” by Muhammad Taqi Tustari republished

2016 Mar 15

 The second issue of Muhammad Taqi Tustari’s work rightfully took its place in the “Wisdom collection” series along with the “Stories of Karbala” by Mehdi Gazali. The “Ali ibn Abi Talib’s judgment and wisdom” book contains selected wise judgments passed by the Commander of the Faitful, Ali ibn Abi Talib, in different circumstances. Apart from that, the work includes some sayings of Ali and other leaders of ummah regarding theological, ethic, social and other issues.

 The book represents the first work describing Ali ibn Abi Talib’s giftedness in judging. It contains religious rulings on the controversial issues of marriage, bequest, theft, slander, adultery etc.

 The book is intended for general readers.





Last modified on 2016 Mar 16