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New editions in “War prose” series

2019 Jun 03

The Sadra publishing house with the support of the Ibn Sina Islamic Culture Research Foundation has issued two books translated from Persian. Like many other books of this series “I am alive” by Masume Abad, “The wife of a hero” by Behnaz Zarabizade, the collection of stories “My leader”), they will not leave anyone indifferent.

The first book is “The chronicles of the besieged city” by the Iranian writer Habib Ahmad-zade (translated by Svetlana Tarasova), who is already known to the Russian readers. This book describes the Iran-Iraq war of 1980-88 witnessed by the author from beginning to end. The book is devoted to the frontline events at Abadan — a town that can be called “The Iranian Leningrad”. Located on the bank of the Arwand river (Shatt al-Arab) on the frontier with Iraq, this town was of great strategic importance, and its siege could result in the defeat of the young Islamic republic by the forces of Saddam. The Iraqi soldiers surrounded besieged Abadan, but could not overcome the heroic resistance of its defenders.

The second book is the novel “Golestan, 11” by the Iranian writer Behnaz Zarabizade (translated by Zahra Kerimova). It is written in memory of the young Iranian military leader, Ali Chitsaziyan, a hero of the Iran-Iraq war, who defended his country till the last breath. Many years later, his widow shares the memories about those difficult, yet happy days that they were granted.

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