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“The Persian language: economics” study guide for senior students by N.A. Potapova is out of print

2019 Jul 05

The Sadra publishing house has issued a study guide for senior Iranist students who have acquired the basic knowledge of the Persian vocabulary and grammar. The work is entitled  “The Persian language: economics” and was published with the support of the Islamic Culture Research Foundation and the Institute of Asian and African studies of the Lomonosov Moscow State University.

The book is recommended for student studying such subjects as “Iranian economy”, “Iranian history”, and “ Iranian literature”, since it contains the vocabulary related to the history of the country’s economic development and the current economic situation of Iran. The linguistic material taken from unique texts containing educational information about the country is arranged according to the topics. Relevant vocabulary and grammar exercises help to ensure a proper understanding of the texts and facilitate vocabulary learning and growth.

Last modified on 2019 Jul 09