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Collection of academic articles “Revolution and evolution in Islamic thought and history” is out of print

2020 May 23

“Revolution and evolution in Islamic thought and history” is a collection of academic articles prepared and published on the basis of the similarly-named conference, which was held on October 5–6, 2017 at the Institute of Philosophy of the Russian Academy of Sciences with the support of the Ibn Sina Foundation.

The book contains a number of works presenting cognitive models and theoretical mechanisms that are characteristic of Islamic culture and are responsible for revolutionary and evolutionary transformations. The authors examine the logic of understanding the revolution and evolution. The works demonstrate how the discourse emphasizing these concepts determines the development of theoretical models in various fields of Islamic culture (creed, philosophy, law, poetry, history, art). The works reveal the mechanisms of sustainable reproduction and succession of Islamic culture and provide an analysis of its dynamics.

The collection of articles “Revolution and Evolution in Islamic Thought and History” represents the 12th volume of the book series “Philosophical Thought of the Islamic World: Research” and constitutes a valuable contribution to the development of Islamic philosophy and Islamic studies.

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