Ibn Sina Foundation

“Dot” wins the international VIVA 2020 Film Festival

2020 Oct 14

The “Dot” documentary, released with the support of the Ibn Sina Foundation, won a prize at the VIVA 2020 film festival.

Emir Valinejad's documentary “Dot”, released in 2019 with the support of the Ibn Sina Foundation, won the third place in the nomination “Religion” during the final stage of the VIVA 2020 International Film Festival, leaving behind more than 1,500 competitors from 104 countries.

“Dot” is Emir Valinejad’s documentary on the art of Iranian calligraphy. Calligraphy occupies an important place in Islamic culture, since it embodies and forms the artistic perception of the world and a special philosophy of working with text in Islamic art. Leading experts in Islamic art participated in the preparation of the film.

The 6th VIVA 2020 Film Festival took place on 16-20 September 2020 in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The Ibn Sina Foundation and Emir Valinejad are planning to release another film on the handwritten Islamic legacy in the nearest future.

Last modified on 2020 Oct 15