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Joint monograph “Universality in the moral system” is out of print

2021 Jan 28

“Universality in the moral system” is a joint monograph of the such researchers as R. Apresyan, O. Artemyeva, A. Prokofiev and others. It reveals the essence of universality, different forms of its manifestation and ways of categorical expression, as well as creates conditions for achieving conceptual and terminological strictness in understanding and discussing the universality in the moral system. The book presents classical and modern concepts of moral universality and analyzes the notion of universality in relation to associated ethical concepts. It also describes the genesis of thinking procedures that form the basis for judgments and decisions in line with universality and examines the interaction of universal and particularistic elements in the normative content of morality. The edition demonstrates the impact of these elements on the public discourse, individual, communicative and socio-political practice.

The edition was prepared for publication by the Sadra publishing house with participation of the RAS and with the support of the Ibn Sina Foundation.

Last modified on 2021 Jan 29