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“Treasure trove” album of Persian manuscripts is out of print

2021 Sep 08

The book “Treasure trove: Selected Persian Manuscripts from the collection of the St. Petersburg State University” edited by O. M. Yastrebov has been published.

The St. Petersburg State University's collection of Persian manuscripts includes a number of literary texts dated from the 13th-20th centuries, many of them being of exceptional academic value.

The book is meant to introduce this collection to readers by demonstrating the most ancient, important and interesting manuscripts, and presenting them in the context of the development of the written culture of Iran and its neighbouring countries.

The main part of this edition is the illustrated catalogue that contains a description of 35 manuscripts from the collection. It is preceded by two essays, the first one describing the history of the collection, and the second one providing an overview of the history and development of the Persian language, literature and writing, and the specific features of the development of Islamic manuscript culture in Iran.

The work was prepared by O.M. Yastrebova, Associate Professor at the Department of Iranian Philology of the Faculty of Oriental Studies of the St. Petersburg State University and published with the assistance of St. Petersburg University and the support of the Ibn Sina Foundation.

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