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A visit to the Padishakh — Collection of stories from Saadi’s “Bostan”

2022 Jun 27

A collection of stories “A visit to the Padishakh” has been published with the support of the Islamic Culture Research Foundation and the Hayyam Cultural Centre.

The stories in this book have been taken from the “Bostan” poem written by the greatest classic of Persian literature, Saadi Shirazi, and have been translated into Russian by S. Tarasova  and edited by N. Prigarina.

“A visit to the Padishakh” is a part of the “Persian Tales” series. The first two editions of the series — “What do you call the grape?” (based on Jalal Ad-Din Rumi’s “Masnawi”, retold by H. Fattahi) and “Halwa and Rainbow” (based on Saadi’s “Golestan”, retold by Farhan Hasan-zadeh) were published in 2021.

Saadi Shirazi was a renowned poet, thinker, Sufi, author of numerous poems. His most famous works are “Gulistan” and “Bostan”, where he delicately and elegantly expressed the truths of the worldly wisdom and quoted some personal anecdotes.

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