Ibn Sina Foundation

10th issue of Ishrak Islamic Philosophy Yearbook published

2022 Jul 29

The 10th issue of Ishraq (Illumination), an Islamic Philosophy Yearbook, is out of print. It was the last edition that Janis Eshots worked on before his sudden death in June 2021.

The main topic of this volume is the aspects of al-Farabi's philosophical thought. It contains 24 articles in Russian, English and French on a wide range of current challenges of Islamic philosophical thought written by leading Russian and foreign scholars.

The book also includes memorandum items dedicated to Janis Eshots, Misbah Yazdi, Muso Dinorshoev, Hassan Hanafi, and Josef van Esse, written by their friends and colleagues.

The issue was prepared with the support of the Ibn Sina Foundation in cooperation with the RAS Institute of Philosophy and the Iranian Institute of Philosophy.

The work on the following issues of Ishraq will continue.

Last modified on 2022 Aug 01