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"Persian Language and Literature in Dagestan" by Patimat Alibekova is out of print

2022 Aug 27

The book "Persian Language and Literature in Dagestan (Cultural and Historical Context)" by Patimat Alibekova has been published with the support of the Ibn Sina Foundation and the assistance of the G. Tsadasa Institute of Language, Literature and Art.

The book is dedicated to the Persian cultural influence in Dagestan. The author describes the formation and development of the Persian language and literature in Dagestan in the context of historical, social, economic, artistic and aesthetic aspects of relations between Iran and Dagestan. The reference materials include Persian and Arabic manuscripts, lithographs, old printed books and epistolary sources, bibliographic directories in Arabic and Persian, unpublished documents of the Central State Archive of the Republic of Dagestan, as well as the works of Dagestani historians, archaeologists, experts in folklore studies and literary critics. The work features creative portraits of Persian-speaking Dagestani academicians and poets and demonstrates the cultural inter-influence illustrated through the example of Dagestani Muhajirs in Iran. This work can serve as a foundation for further studies on inter-civilizational dialogue between the peoples of Dagestan and Iran.

Patimat Alibekova is a candidate of philological sciences, a leading researcher of the G. Tsadasa Institute of Language, Literature and Art, the author of more than 100 academic works on archaeography, source study and literary studies (Dagestan manuscripts in Persian and Arabic; historical and cultural relations between Dagestan and Iran, Dagestani literature in Persian and Arabic).

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