Ibn Sina Foundation

Artist Z. Biktasheva presented Ibn Sina’s portrait to the President of the Ibn Sina Foundation

2020 Feb 17

Zemfira Biktasheva, member of the association of artists of Tatarstan and Russia, Honored artist of Russia, visited the Ibn Sina Foundation on 17th February. She presented to Hamid Hadavimogaddam, president of the Foundation, a portrait of the famous Persian thinker Ibn Sina (Avicenna), which she had painted herself. The Foundation’s president gave her the book “Iranin calligraphy: introduction to the tradition" written by Hamid-Reza Kelichkhani.

The representatives of the Ibn Sin Foundation met Zemfira Biktsheva at the “Tehran—Ufa—Kazan bridge” exhibition, which took place in December 209 in Kazan. The artist saw the Foundation’s name and promised them to paint a portrait of Ibn Sina. She kept her word.

Last modified on 2020 Feb 19