Ibn Sina Foundation

Collection of articles “Qur’anic exegetics” added to the Qur’anic series

2020 Feb 29

The 31st book has been added to the Qur’anic series. It is a collection of articles entitled “Qur’anic exegetics”, which was prepared with the support of the Ibn Sina Foundation and the Russian Museum of Ethnography.

A number of academicians, including B.V.Norik (translator, senior research worker of the RAS Institute of Oriental Studies), R. Nasyrov (editor, leading research worker of the RAS Institute of Philosophy) and M.E. Rezvan (editor, head of the Department of Central Asian Ethnography of the RAS Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography) worked on the edition.

The book “Qur’anic exegetics” is a collection of encyclopaedic articles that aim to explain to the reader the role of the Qur’an in Islamic culture. Most works are devoted to the Qur’anic exegeses analysed both in terms of typology and history.

Last modified on 2020 Mar 04