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Web-site about Qur’an

2015 Sep 07

The Qur’an is the main Islamic source for all Muslims. This Holy Book explains the basics of the Islamic belief, namely the creed (aqeedah), morality (akhlaq) and law (ahkam). It is impossible to comprehend the Qur’an by simple reading, since it requires the correct interpretation of its terms and meanings. For over a thousand years Muslim scholars have been trying to provide a better understanding of the Qur’an. They have produced some fundamental works that cannot be overestimated.

In that regard the www.alquran.ru web-site is offering everyone the opportunity to better know and understand the Holy Book of Muslims – the Noble Qur’an. The website materials represent a compilation of scientific publications. The website also provides access to the original text of the Qur’an with Russian translation and exegesis. The visitors can also find the best examples of the modern theological thought in the e-library.