Ibn Sina Islamic Culture Research Foundation


Islamic Philosophy Yearbook

2016 Feb 10

The Islamic philosophy yearbook is published in cooperation with the Institute of Philosophy of Russian Academy of Sciences and the Iran Philosophy Institute. Up to the present date 9 volumes have been published. This unique project unites scholars from all over the world, providing readers with the latest research results in the field of falsafa and irfan. Each volume of “Ishrak” (except for the 1st one) is devoted to a certain issue. Thus, the topic of the 2nd volume is “Philosophy of Illumination: Suhrawardi and his school”, the topic of the 3rd volume is “Philosophic Sufism: Ibn Arabi and his school”, the 4th volume is devoted to “Ismaili philosophy”, the 5th volume covers “Philosophical schools of Shiraz and Isfahan”, the 6th volume is devoted to “Transcendent theosophy of Sadruddin Shirazi”, the 7th volume is devoted to Iranian philosophy of the Qajar and Pahlavi era (1794–1979)”, the 8th volume is devoted to Plato and Platonism in Islamic philosophy”, the 9th volume of the “Ishraq” is devoted to Ibn Sina and avicennism, Islamic gnosis and Sufism, as well as the Ismailian thought.

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