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“Modern philosophical discourse” series

2016 Dec 10

In 2016 in cooperation with the Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia the series “Modern philosophical discourse”, which was expected to be launched in 2015 and was aimed at examining some topical issues, saw the light.

The series currently includes four books: “Islamophobia”, “Islamic civilization. Past and Present”, “Modern Iranian culture” and “Ideological processes in Iran”. They were edited by Doctor of Philosophy, Al-Janabi Matem Muhammad Taha, academic advisor of the Arab Research Centre under the Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia.

The collection of articles “Islamophobia” examines the same-name phenomenon that is now very common in modern social life. The authors attempt to determine its sources, to classify it and to find the ways to fight against the hatred to the “others”.

The collection of articles “Islamic civilization. Past and Present” raises some issues of Islamic civilization in terms of historical, cultural and national self-consciousness.

The book “Modern Iranian culture” by N. Fazeli analyses the reality and the discourses of the modern Iranian culture and provides insight into the cultural life of the modern Iran.

The collection of articles “Ideological processes in Iran” provides insight into intellectual movements in the contemporary history of Iran. 

Last modified on 2016 Dec 19