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The Tree

Spiritual aspects of philosophical and religious systems

2017 Jun 23

The Tree series was established in 2009 and was prepared with the assistance of the Islamic Culture Research Foundation, the “Design. Information. Cartography” publishing and production centre, Feoria LLC and the Research Institute of Culture and Islamic Thought of Iran.

This series consisting of four books covers spiritual aspects of different philosophical and religious systems.

The first book of the series — “Islamic art and spirituality” by S.H. Nasra is a sort of an essay devoted to the philosophy of Islamic art.

The work “Mind and love. Sketch of the life and ideas of Mulla Sadra Shirazi” by M.T. Sohrabi-farra reveals all aspects of the legacy of the famous philosopher Sadr-ad-Din Muhammad Shirazi, also known as Mulla Sadra, who lived and worked in Iran in the 17th century.

The book “Contemporary questions of Islamic thought” written by M. Legenhausen is a perfect example of interaction between the Western philosophical and Eastern religious traditions. The author analyses the main issues of the Islamic philosophical and religious thought that are currently being disputed. The author makes sure that this range of problems often neglected in the discussions of Western philosophers is represented to the full extent on a global intellectual scale.

The last edition of the Tree series, “Islamic culture and civilization” by A.A. Velayati, published in 2011, presents the history of the Islamic civilization. The book describes the preconditions for the genesis of Islamic civilization, the development of sciences, architecture, graphic arts, calligraphy, beaux-arts, music; it analyses the major processes that occurred in the Islamic world throughout its history. 

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