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“Iran. From Cyrus the Great to Ayatollah Khomeini” — new book by the historian A. Gromov

A long-awaited novelty by the historian Alex Bertrand Gromov, “Iran. From Cyrus the Great to the Ayatollah Khomeini” is out of print. It continues the edition “Persia: The history of the undiscovered country” (A. B. Gromov, S. N. Tabai), which was very popular among our readers.

The book is devoted to the history of Iran starting from the ancient Persian state founded by Cyrus the Great. A.B. Gromov describes the creation of national institutions, such as postal service and monetary system, which were later adopted by the Eurasian civilization. He pays special attention to the events that caused the Islamic Revolution in 1979 and to Iran’s spiritual leader Ayatollah Khomeini.

The publication “Iran. From Cyrus the Great to Ayatollah Khomeini” is beautifully designed and includes many colour and black-and-white illustrations, which helps the reader to get abdorbed even more in the mysterious world of Iran.

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