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The Traces of the Times

“The traces of the times” is a series of books entirely devoted to the history of Iran, starting from the ancient Persian Empire. The books of the series are written in a popular scientific style, so the texts are easy and entertaining to read. They contain a description of major events and prominent people of Iran from ancient times to the present day.

“The Traces of the Times” series was launched in 2016. Currently it includes 2 books – “Persia: The History of an Undiscovered Land” by A.B. Gromov and S.N. Tabai (3rd edition, expanded, 2017) and “Iran. From Cyrus the Great to Ayatollah Khomeini” by A. B. Gromov (2021).

The third book in the series, “Persia—Iran: The 20th Century”, is expected to be published in 2022.

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