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Tales of Scheherazade


Arabic tales “The Thousand and One Nights” are now known all around the world. These tales are based on the collection “The Thousand Tales” that was created in Middle Persian Language and afterwards was included into the Arabic collection. This collection has been replenished with the new stories for centuries.

A beautiful woman Scheherazade was telling tales to the formidable padishah Shahriyar for the thousands and one nights. When the thousand and one night ends, Shahriyar becomes different from what he has been previously. He becomes softer because he has learned many lessons of noble behavior from the beauty’s tales.

Great Persian poets have always spoken that the wonderful feature of artistic word is “to turn stone hearts into wax”.

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Tales of Scheherazade (on the basis on the collection “The Thousand and One Nights” retold by Zohreh Haydari) / translated from Persian by S.A. Tarasova, N.I. Prigarina; edited by N.I. Prigarina. – Moscow, OOO “Sadra”, 2024. – 208 pages, with illustrations – (Persian Tales).

With the Assistance of:

The Autonomous Non-Profit Organization “The Cultural Centre of Khayyam”

“Sureh Mehr” Publishing House

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