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Results of the anniversary Moscow International Book Fair


This year the Moscow International Book Fair, the biggest event of the book industry in Russia and one of the leading ones abroad, celebrated 2 anniversaries: it was the 30th exhibition that took place 40 years after the first Moscow International Book Fair.

This important event in the life of Moscow and Russia brought together many people of different ethnic backgrounds united by their love to books. More than 130 000 people visited the exhibition and 720 events were conducted at 12 specialized platforms and participants’ booths over 5 days. 

The Islamic Culture Research Foundation and the Sadra publishing house participated in the Moscow International Book Fair for the 8th time. The location of the booth was the same, but the design was different from what it used to be. This time the booth looked like a small book shop with book shelves. The visitors could look through the books, take a seat and read through the editions of interest, get a recommendation as to what to buy and ask about the availability of books. It seems that the visitors liked the new booth design.

The new 3rd enlarged edition of “Persia: the history of undiscovered land” by A.B. Gromov and S.N. Tabai was very popular with the visitors of our booth. It occupied the central place in the booth and sold out quickly.

There was also a demand for children’s books: “Stories abouth the Prophet”, “The Qur’anic stories”, the books of the “Shekarestan”, “Neyestan”, “Shahnameh” series etc.

The visitors also expressed a great interest in the Persian language textbook, the new revised edition of “The practical mysticism” by S.S. Safavi, “The works of Imam al-Ghazali” by A.A. Hismatullin, “The value and principles of Islamic economy”, the collection of Ruhollah Khomeini’s poems “The water of life”, “Land and legal relations in Dagestan in XV–XVII centuries” and other works.

Many guests visited the booth of the Islamic Culture Research Foundation and the Sadra publishing house during the exhibition, including Boris Esenkin, head of the Biblio-Globus trade house, Sergey Dmitriyev, chief editor of the Veche publishing house, and Yuriy Mikhailov, the founder and chief editor of the Ladomir research and publishing centre and the author of the book “It is time to understand the Qur’an”.

A presentation of the 3rd enlarged edition of the book of A.B. Gromov and S.N. Tabai, “Persia: the history of undiscovered land” took place in the booth of Iran.

Last modified on 2017 Sep 14