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Language and cognition. Introduction to post-relativism

С.Ю. Бородай

2019 Dec 12


The book examines the impact of the structure of a language on the cognitive abilities of its speakers, also known as linguistic relativity. The first chapter contains a detailed analysis of the development of relativist theories from the end of 18th centuries to 1990s. The second chapter is devoted to the comparative research carried out in 1990s-2010s on the matter of space semantics, conceptualization of time, colour terminology and other empirical and theoretical issues related to the neo-relativist school in psycholinguistics and cognitive anthropology. The third chapter presents a new model of interrelation between the structure of a language and cognitive processes, which is referred to by the author as post-relativism. It also outlines a plan for future post-relativism research. Drawing on numerous examples (250 languages and hundreds of empirical studies), the author demonstrates that the language is involved in the work of many cognitive mechanism on a real-time basis, which affects the cognitive style of its speakers.


Boroday S.Yu. Language and cognition: introduction to post-relativism / S.Yu. Boroday, edited by V.A. Lektorskiy, A.V. Smirnov. — М.: ООО Sadra: YASK publishing house, 2019. — 800 p.