Ibn Sina Foundation

Tarih Miskinja: a Dagestani historical writing

A.R. Shikhsaidov, Z.Sh. Zakariayev, A.R. Navruzov

2020 Aug 25


Ta'rih Miskindja, a manuscript written in Arabic, was found in August 2009 in the ancient village of Miskindja (Dokuzpara district, Dagestan). Upon the examination of the text it turned out to be a historical chronicle, whose content is very different from other known Dagestani historical works. This manuscript is a valuable historical source and an important written cultural artefact of the peoples of Dagestan. The book contains the Russian translation of Ta'rikh Miskindja accompanied by historical and linguistic commentaries. The edition also includes a facsimile of the Arabic text. It is intended for experts in history and Islamic studies, as well as a wide range of readers.


Shikhsaidov A.R., Zakariayev Z.Sh., Navruzov A.R. Ta'rikh Miskindzha: a Dagestani Historical Writing (translated from Arabic, with commentaries). - Moscow: OOO Sadra, 2020. – 128 p. + 32 p. illustrated - (Islamic and pre-Islamic world: history and politics).

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