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German Muslims in the Contemporary Germany. Who Are They?

E.F. Ryazanova



The monograph is devoted to Germans who embraced Islam. The reason of becoming Muslims is associated with different factors: disappointment with society, unhappy love, failures in creating a family, crises and calamities in life, losing values, seeking a truth. The book also covers life of Muslim immigrants of the 2nd-3rd generations who are born in Germany. Many of these people lead a European lifestyle, but there are others who try to preserve a traditional lifestyle that is common for a country their parents come from. A special attention is payed to constructing a religious identity of German Muslims and new religious practices they transferred from Christianity into Islam. The author brings about new scientific terms like “post conversional syndrome” etc.   


Ryazanova E.F. German Muslims in the Contemporary Germany. Who Are They? A Monograph. / E.F. Ryazanova. – Moscow, OOO “Sadra”, 2023. – 184 pages with pictures. – (Religion in the Modern World).

With the assistance of:

The N.N. Miklukho Maclay Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology of the Russian Academy of Science