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Sagadeev Readings. The Materials of Scientific Conference

the collection of articles



This collection consists of the materials of the conference “Sagadeev Readings” devoted to the memory of an outstanding Islamic studies scholar, a profound researcher of Sufi Islam, a historian of philosophy, RUDN professor M.M. Al-Janabi (1955-2021). The collection includes articles on history, philosophy and culture of the Islamic World, as well as of two other major world religions – Buddhism and Christianity. 

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Sagadeev Readings. The Materials of Scientific Conference: the Collection of Articles / collected and edited by N.S. Kiribaev, the executive editor of the series: R.V. Pskhou. – Moscow: OOO “Sadra”, 2024. – 376 pages.

The following institutions participated in the preparation of the book:

The Research Center of Indian Philosophy and Culture “Purushottama” of Patrice Lulumba Russian University of Peoples’ Friendship (RUDN).