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29th Tehran International book fair draws to its close

2016 May 12

One of the most well-known book events — 29th Tehran International book fair —is being hold from 4 to 14 May in Iran. This year Russia is a guest of honour at the fair. France, Italy, Spain, Australia, Argentina, Germany, Belgium, Turkey, China, Japan, Finland, Canada and many other countries participate in this event.

The Russian booth features several publishing houses, including Sadra supported by the Islamic Culture Research Foundation. The opening of the Russian booth was attended by the president of Iran, Hasan Ruhani, minister of culture of Iran, Ali Jannati, as well as many high-ranking officials and special guests.

In the photo: Hasan Ruhani and Ali Jannati (on the left)

During the award ceremony the Terra Incognita rewards were given to the writer Habib Ahmad-zade, the author of the “Chess with the Doomsday Machine”, and Hosein Hosrow-panah, the President of the Iranian Philosophy Institute.


In the left photo: Habib Ahmad-zade (on the right); In the right photo: representative of the Iranian Philosophy Institute Mrs Avani (on the right)

Many writers and people of art, as well as Mr Jaberi Ansari, official representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iran, visited the booth of the Sadra publishing house and the Islamic Culture Research Foundation.


In the left photo: Mr Jaberi Ansari (in the centre); In the right photo: people of art (on the left)

Four books received the “Best Book of the Year” rewards in 2011–2014 were successfully presented, among them “Research on the Qur’an History” by S.M.B. Hujati (2011), “Jesus in the Qur’an and hadiths” by M.M. al-Qa’ima (2012), “Qur’anic stories” by K. as-Seyed (2013) and “Qur’anic sciences” by M.H. Ma’rifat (2014).

Apart from that, the guests were able to see the new book of the Sadra publishing house, “Iran: country and people” by Ahmad Hatami. This work contains information about main stages of Persian history, folk customs, classical poetry, architectural monuments, places of historical and natural interest, and the contemporary life of the country.

The 29th Tehran International book fair is drawing to its close. In a couple of days it will be closed and the achievements will be assessed.

Last modified on 2016 May 13