Ibn Sina Foundation

Workshop on Iranian calligraphy took place in Biblio-Globus

2019 Nov 12

A meeting with the famous Iranian calligrapher, Hamid-Reza Kelichkhani, was held on 12 November in Biblio-Globus. He delivered a lecture devoted to the specimen of Persian calligraphy in India (Delhi and Agra) and conducted a workshop on Iranian calligraphy.

Hamid-Reza Kelichkhani's book — "Iranian calligraphy. Introduction to the tradition" — was also presented during the event. S.N. Tabai, general director of the Sadra publishing house, told the visitors about this new publication of the Sadra publishing house and the Ibn Sina Foundation.

The event ended with a screening of the "Tochka" documentary.

Last modified on 2019 Nov 15